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montana pelak

montana pelak

Age 29
Location temecula, CA, US
Rider # 314
Site Rank 15815
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Classes Motocross, Supercross

Rider Updates

So during the meantime waiting for round two of triple crown I've been doing some local races like the GFI SOUTH FALL SERIES which I am in first overall. SOO.... Friday night i go out to starwest to practice on mini night because I haven't been there in a LOONNNG time; after the first couple of laps I start going for everything... I mean everything feels so much smaller after racing at 395. So I've got that track dialed but for the race they are adding extra obstacles to the track that won't be done until saturday and the race is on sunday. I wake up early on saturday morning and head out to starwest with my dad and my little brother... I go out first lap and just cruise the track, second lap I started going for everything again. so I wrapped up saturday with no injuries (thankyou)saturday night we load up the motorhome with everything that way we can leave early in the morning with everything set. My dad wakes me up early sunday morning and I take my blankets and pillows into our motorhome and pass out again on my bed. I wake up when we get to the track and take out my bicycle and ride through the pits just to hang out with my friends before the race. first moto I get the holeshot and just pull away from the whole pack, I take the win. Second moto it was kind of a battle for the holeshot I came out second in turn one, before we even make it a lap I put the block pass for first; so that was a good boost of confidence. The next lap in this little step on step off section it was rutted on the step off and I got high sided and went down....I got back up and battled my way to third which put me in second overall for the weekend next race is PERRIS RACEWAY my home track all of my competitors better watch out!!!!!

Race Results

Date Event Class Place
Nov 28 2007 GFI Fall series 1st
Nov 17 2007 Fantastic 4 1st
Nov 10 2007 Fantastic 4 3rd
Nov 4 2007 Triple Crown 2nd
Oct 21 2007 Triple Crown 7th


Date Event