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Personal History

I am the middle sibling of 5 have been around motorcycles and snowmachines all my life. I grew up do nothing but wrestling in school clear up until my Dad took me to an event that was called ( DEMO DAYS ). I went there with my Dad and that's when I tried to ride the new dirt bikes and fell in love with racing them around the tracks. This is when I told my Dad I wanted a bike of my own and I wanted to race. So I got my bike a little over a year ago and started racing local races and was doing very well by the end of the local series. I also raced some of the RMX Series and WWS series, they are a blast.  Now I watch and follow some of my friends I have met while racing ( Hayden Deegan, and Chance Hymas ) they are really good guys. during the off season to keep myself fit I wrestle in school and do gym class so when I climb back on Im as good as I can be physically.

My first bike was a 2004 KTM 65sx and that's what I started racing on and found out all the rules but I am a small guy so they let me race my very first race ever on #99 KTM 65 and wow what an eye opener got 2 laps in and found out we bought a dud. dad had to take the bike apart and found out the piston was burnt he said he figured it had about 45 hard hours on that piston so he replaced the jug and the piston and man it ran so much better. so I rode a practice track on it and dad said we had to get me on an 85 if we wanted to keep racing so here I am having the time of my life on my 85. I would like to thank my dad for helping me into this sport and he is my admire and I would do anything to make him proud to compete against the best in the nation and be the best I can be.

Riding Goals

I have a goal that I want to go to Loretta Lynns and try to come out on top of my class its a huge dream of mine and would love to have many  sponsors to help get me there and to be as fast and good as possible. I want to compete in Loretta Lynns and race against the best and show my sponsors out and make them proud that they have me for their rider.

Competitive Highlights

My first I can think of was first off finish my first race that was the greatest. Next the first time I cleared my first set of doubles there is no way to describe how I felt it was so exciting and last was to battle in my last race of the season back and fourth with 2 other racers for second place we battled back and fourth for 3 laps I decided I needed to try something I haven't to pull ahead enough I can stay there so I pulled  off my attempt of a 105 foot triple landed it and was so excited about that I layed my bike down in the next corned and came out 3rd any way but it was the most exciting time I can remember racing and I'm hoping for many many more of those kinds of moments,