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MXSponsor.com is the industry’s leading website to help motocross riders like you get sponsorships from hundreds of companies

What is a sponsorship?

Companies want to get their products and services into the hands of riders and racers who will help promote them in return for a discount.

This is called a sponsorship and it is based on a year-to-year agreement between you and a company. This discount will vary based on your abilities, talents and riding type, but there are sponsorships available for every person no matter your age or ability. Best of all, you can have as many sponsors as you like. MXSponsor.com will literally save you thousands of dollars and connect you with the best companies and the latest products.

MXSponsor.com is a website for you to make yourself known to hundreds of companies. You signup for free, build your profile and then send your profile to unlimited companies. Brands are able to sort, match and filter requests and offer you a sponsorship. Brands use MXSponsor to help sponsor thousands of riders each year and they are looking to sponsor riders like you.

Once you have been offered a sponsorship, you will be sent a sponsorship contract that outlines the discount level, ordering instructions and any limitation or restrictions. You decide which companies and which deals you want to take and then you agree to the contracts. Its that simple.

Think of us as a match-making website for you and companies. We are the middle man that makes life easy for you and for companies. Its never been easier to get sponsored and you can get sponsored immediately online using MXSponsor.com