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Rider Updates

Jan 9 2022

Ended my 21 race season with 2nd in points for my class and 4th for my year end award. We are working on my bike and I’m gonna get more seat time to better myself and get more familiar with my bike I’d like to thank O’Neal,Ogio,Flo Motorsports, Flow Vision Goggles,Twin Air and Evs for allowing me to be apart of your teams and I look forward to representing you again in the 22 season along with some new sponsors it’s greatly appreciated and will do my best to represent you all well

Nov 4 2021

Late to post but our last race was canceled due to race series owners having covid so ended my 21 race season I would like to thank all my sponsors that helped me with this season.Flo Motorsport,O’Neal,Flow Vision,Twin Air,OGIO,Evs,TrueMX and Smittys Suzuki Center it was a great season and can’t wait for the next one to start an also I was thrilled to be apart of it with you all. 2022 season I plan to come into better then I was this season and represent all my sponsors well and like to thank the ones that have picked me up so far and wish it was starting soon. Flow Vision,O’Neal,Twin Air,OGIO,Eagle Grit.ARMA Sports and Smittys Suzuki Center can’t wait to work with all you this up coming race season

Oct 10 2021

Still adapting to the amount of bikes in the race but getting better with dealing with it at my 2nd gncc race today i rode 15th outta 24 for first couple laps then moved myself up to 13th after time adjustments it put me back to 15th an 122 outta 184 just gotta keep pushing and getting better 

Oct 3 2021

Yesterday felt great,got lined up and ready to start the race an during the rider meeting/track discription they said the girls line was hole-shot award. I hear 10 seconds and see the flag drop I kick my bike it fires and I was already half way there before anyone else got to me i cross the line bike n half ahead of everyone all to hit the woods and the big down hill to wipe out and fall back to 3rd from there. My bike didn’t feel right so I found my dad along the track pulled over made handle bar adjustments dropping my back to 6th and where I remained the rest of the race battling through lap traffic to at least land myself 57th overall outta 85 but at the end of the race I was happy since my friend got to win the race and felt like she deserved it more then I did 

Sep 18 2021

Today didn’t start way I wanted it to after hitting holeshot line same with another girl I got around her soon as got into the woods to put a good space between us all before coming into blind uphill turn to all the 65s bottle necked i quickly chose a line around them and start up the sand hill to get solid traction and bike come up with me as I was spilling with it another bike quickly came in behind me running me over and shaking me up a good bit. After gathering myself up and starting almost lap and half behind everyone since they was trying to send me out in an ambulance I restarted my race and got up to 6 outta 8 in my class and 67 outta 73 overall before running outta time.

Sep 12 2021

First I would like to thank all my sponsors Twin air, Ogio, Flo motorsports, Flow Vision, Evs and O’Neal I got to run my first gncc race today finishing 14th outta 20 in my class and 129 outta 152 I can thank you all enough for the help and I look forward to running more gncc races 

Aug 29 2021

Today felt good i battled between 2nd an 3rd for most part of the race until last lap when I went to cut around bottle neck on hill climb and rocks kicked me over by time I got bike up and going to the top of the hill 3rd and 4th got around me with not enough track to run them back down but I’m still happy with my ride today 4th outta 11 in class and 59th outta 101 overall special thanks to Twin Air,OGIO,Flow Vision, Flo Motorsports, O’Neal, Evs and Smitty’s Suzuki Center for allowing me to be a sponsored rider with all them it’s truly great experience to have the help for all them 

Jul 19 2021

Couldn’t get in the right groove yesterday ended up with 6th in my class and 65 overall outta 107

Jun 20 2021

Race didn’t go as I was planning on it to the start of the day was looking like it was gonna be an awesome day then when we got to the starting line it decided to dump the rain down like 5gal buckets and the track was nice fresh clay dirt which turned into straight ice skating soon as we started. Made it to the 2 mile marker and girl came sliding down off the hill behind me took me out causing me to spill my bike and break my kick starter lever I tried to push start it a few times and couldn’t get it to happen with the slick conditions so I helped all the other racers get their bikes picked up and going again till the sweep crew came around and towed me back to the truck. Thanks to O’Neal,Twin Air,Flo Motorsport,Flow-vision,Ogio and Evs for sponsorship already working on repairs and waiting to represent you all well at the next race

May 29 2021

Thanks to Flow Vision and Evs for picking me as a rider through their rider support system I can’t wait for our race break to be over with and get back out on the track and represent all the companies that have given me a chance to be part of their support teams hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend with their friends and family 

May 23 2021

To anyone and everyone reaching out with sponsorship I greatly appreciate it and promise to make you all proud and always give good words on your behalf. Thanks to O’Neal,Flo motorsports,OGIO,Twin Air for the opportunity of being on the rider support team and helping me with doing the sport I love 


May 19 2021

Would like to thank OGIO and Twin Air for choosing me to be a part of their sponsorship program for the 2021 race season I plan to represent them well