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Personal History

Hello my name is Zephyr Bejarano I am 14 years old and I live in Sonoma County California. I’ve been riding for a year and a half. My current bike is a honda crf 150f, i ride here along the Russian River, in the redwoods, Argyll MX  in Dixon and at all the OHV parks and BLM land parks in the north bay. Such as South Cow Mountain, Indian Valley Reservoir and Carnage SVRA just to name a view. I grew up riding on the back of my dad's Harley and I consider myself a motorcycle enthusiast. I also sometimes ride my friends Honda CRF 250 R. I don't just love motorcycles, I love working on them also. I am currently starting to rebuild a 1991 Rm 125 which I'm pretty excited about.

Riding Goals

I don't race professionally yet. but my goal is to ride in the MX circuit here in the North Bay area and also do back country races. I ride and practice every weekend, either on single tracks on BLM land, or at the MX track at Argyl. My other goal is to develop my mechanical skills. I work alot on my bike with my dad and his friends. I’ve been learning how to rebuild carburetors, tuneups and other motorcycle maintenance.
Some of my fun goals are pushing myself each time I ride a little bit more to develop better mountain climbing skills and learning how to be a better racer on the track.

Competitive Highlights


I don't have any major comparative highlights yet because I'm ot racing professionally yet. But I do hold my own pretty well when I'm racing with others around the track and in groups with my friends when we do single track. We’ve measured my jumps. I'm at the point where I can launch about 4 to 5 feet off the ground and go about 26 feet out. I'm getting better and better each week. I'm also getting pretty good at hill climbing which is something that I love probably because it’s my passion.