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Personal History

Grew up in Valparaiso Indiana riding dirtbikes for fun with my dad. He took me to my first race at redbud one year and I got 2nd and it all took off from there. I raced C class for a couple years and an awesome year until a hip injury put me to a stop for a month. Once I got cleared to ride again AMA sent me a letter putting me in B class because of my RPV being too high. Whenever I'm not riding or working out I'm either riding my BMX bike or mountain bike to stay in shape and Have fun.  

Riding Goals

My goal for this sport is to see how far my body can physically take it. I have more determination than the average man and I'm bound to show that this season. My plan is to race most the amateur nationals this year and catch a couple of amateur teams eyes and have them gain some interest in me. After that, my goal is to qualify for some pro nationals and gain professional teams interests and race professionally.

Competitive Highlights

I've honestly never made it to Loretta's or tried any big amateur nationals, but I win all the local races and even when the national kids come to the local races I beat them too. There have been points in time when I was in C class leading the pack and beating all the B riders also. Many people fast and slow have told me I have an insane amount of potential and with the right people behind me, I'll have a great chance in this sport.