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Skirts with neutral tones such as black, white or beige are always popular with women. The reason is because, these skirt designs are very elegant, and do not go out of fashion over time. It is not difficult to coordinate with a neutral skirt, but to score all the style points, you still need to mix & match skillfully. Here are 10 ways to wear neutral skirts to help you look good wherever you go. The combination of white shirt and beige skirt will create a feminine and elegant outfit. Super slim strap sandals go well with the outfit. This option gives the effect of lengthening the legs, thereby hacking the figure more tall. In addition, the ultra-thin strap sandals also ensure the sophistication of the outfit. When you combine a pop-colored shirt with a white skirt, you don't have to worry about your appearance becoming " đồng phục gia đình ", cheesy. The white skirt pattern will help balance the overall outfit, but still retain the age-hacking effect. If you complete the outfit with slippers, sedge hat and beaded bag, you will have the right travel outfit. Short neutral-colored skirts are also a very interesting choice. This skirt model is elegant, but still young and sweet. Combine short skirts with off-the-shoulder blouses to create a feminine and seductive outfit. The belt is a simple accessory, but contributes to the elegance and smoothness of the outfit. Elegance and elegance is the impression of the formula of the blouse with puffy sleeves, a loose skirt combined with a sandal. This formula also gives a very good shape hack effect, ideal for short girls to wear to the office. In addition, the padded shoulder shirt is quite picky to wear, your figure may become more rigid if you wear this item. You should choose a basic design shirt, oversized shape. This item is fashionable, easy to wear and brings youthfulness and fashion even when you combine clothes in the simplest way.

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The set of white t-shirt + brown skirt is very simple, but still impresses with its youthfulness and elegance. Highlights such as leopard print pointed toe shoes and pearl necklace have contributed to making the overall look more prominent and glittering. Another way to wear a neutral-colored skirt that is ideal for office women is the formula for a bow-tie blouse combined with a beige skirt. Don't forget to dress up to increase your grooming and hack your body effectively. Two-tone slingback shoes and large earrings made the outfit more luxurious. In the summer, you should not ignore the waistcoat and long skirt recipe. With pastel blue and white as the main colors, this set of clothes hacks age very effectively, suitable for you to wear for travel or weekend walks. Accessories such as sedge hats, slippers, sedge bags fit perfectly with the liberal features of the overall outfit. Chiffon shirt is a familiar fashion item for women. This item is quite popular in the summer. However, a chiffon shirt with a dark tone is an option that you should consider, this shirt will make the appearance look more "dumb". Besides, dark chiffon shirts are difficult to mix, and can create a feeling of heat on peak sunny days. A duffle or silk shirt will be worth the investment. These shirts are trendy, youthful and comfortable to wear.

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If you combine a black skirt with a blue blouse, you don't have to worry about your look being boring. On the contrary, this set is still outstanding and attractive. With high-waist detailing and a low-cut top, this recipe will help you "cheat" your height. To ensure the harmony of the outfit, women should choose shoes and bags in neutral colors. Set of pastel shirt and beige skirt becomes more prominent thanks to the patterned scarf. The pointed toe Mary Jane shoes match the elegant outfit, and bring a sweet, youthful look to the outfit. The two-piece top + long skirt formula brings comfort to the wearer. Thanks to the dominant white tone, this set also scores points in elegance and sophistication. When you don't want to dress up elaborately, this is the ideal formula for you to apply. You can choose shirts to complete office outfits, or mix & match trendy streetwear sets. Shirts come in many variations, but not every version is worth buying for a wardrobe. Some styles of shirts even add age to the wearer and make the look out of fashion. Here are 5 models of old shirts that you should avoid when shopping.