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Rider Updates

Dec 11 2012

It has been quite a while since I have updated.  I am no longer riding the 65s.  I had a pretty decent season on them, but they just didn't have the power I want.  After trying a few friends 85s my dad and I talked about it, and I told him that I really thought I was ready to move up to an 85.   We sold the 65s and got a sponsor deal on Yamaha YZ85s from our local Yamaha dealer (Northstar's Ultimate Outdoors) here in Idaho.  All I can say is;  I LOVE riding those bikes!!!  I will hopefully get lots of seat time this winter when we got south to practice, and continue to learn more and more to better my riding.  Happy Holidays Ya'll

Jan 19 2011

Well.................after taking off a month for the holidays, we headed south out of the snow to Mesquite to get some practice in on the 65.  By 11:30 Friday morning, on the 7th, I was in the Emergency room at the Mesa View Hospital!  I dont remember alot.....lucky for me my dad was right @ the next table top from where I crashed.  I was knocked out & not breathing.  Good thing dad was a lifeguard for 7 years........(he remebered what he needed to do).  I gave him a really good scare though.  After 6 hours, 5 CT scans, several x-rays, & an IV started........I was discharged by the good folks @ Mesa View Hospital in Mesquite, NV.  I suffered a pretty serious concusion, and a sprained left wrist.  My mom slept with me that night and woke me up every 2 hours, and quizzed me as to what was my name, what is my address, where are we ect......  (I don't think she got a whole lot of sleep).  But I havent had any symptoms in over a week, and the pediatrician said that I was OK to go out for recess @ school and return to gym class.  So, now its time to start thinking about getting back on the track!!!  I've already been buggin my dad to ride, he said maybe next weekend we'll go.   (We'll See !!)

Oct 5 2010

Well, I didn't get enough races in with either of the 2 series I raced in this season to qualify for year end prizes, but that's OK, it's all about the time on the track.  I got plenty of races in between the 2 series.  BIG NEWS:  I got a 1st place trophy taller than my mom, for the Utah State Championship on Sept 25-26.  It was a 3 moto format, and I placed 1st in the first 2 motos Saturday.  Placed 2nd on Sunday morning !!!!!!!   That was in the 50cc Modified Class.  I got to take it into school for show & tell !   I just recently started riding my 65.  I LOVE IT.  Dad had me working on starts, both concrete and dirt.  I rode it in the state championship race also, just for fun.  Placed 5th overall in the 65cc 6-8 class.  Went to the local track all day Sunday and rode both the 50 & 65.  The bigger bike is so much fun to ride. My dad says I can really start training on it this winter when we head south to ride.  Taking a little break right now, doing some traveling back east to visit family and keep up on school. Then next month it will be back on the bike!  Hopefuly lots of riding at a bunch of tracks all over between Nevada, California, and Arizona.  (got keep mom & dad busy)!!  Also, REALLY excited to find out ONEAL renewed my sponsorship.  I love the gear I have gotten so far.  Thanks guys!

Apr 5 2010

Feb 19 2010

WOw, how time flies....... I have spent a good part of this winter in Nevada & California riding as much as my mom and dad can get me there.  I have been rididng with some really good riders, and I feel like I have improved my jumping so much!!!  I didnt want to leave California last weekend.  But, soon the snow will be melted up north by my house and before we know it, we will be riding nonstop!!!   I'm moving up a class this season, so I certainly have my work cut out for me, but I've been working hard all winter and even going to the local gym twice a week!  I caant wait to get racing!!!