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Rider Updates

Jul 25 2023

This last weekend 7/22-7/23 there was an event sponsored by Kenny Yoho's I4 MX Series that I participated in. The Series runs throughout the State of Florida with 11 Events in total. This was Event 11 and it took place at a track that I normally ride at each weekend. I was in the 85cc 7-11 ages Beginner Class. There were 10 Riders in total. 2 Moto format 3 laps per Moto. Came out strong in the First Moto with a Hole shot never looked back WON the First Moto by 4-5 seconds. Second Moto came and I almost missed the gate drop, hurried to the gate requesting the 2 minute additional time allowed. Was very shook up almost missing the gate drop. I managed to pull off a 4th place finish. Took home an Overall of 2nd Place. This was only my Second Race Ever, both races I took home 2nd Place Overall. This was an incredible feeling of Joy actually winning that First Moto against kids that race this whole Series trying to win the Championship. I can't wait for next Year so I can participate in some more Events and maybe try to compete in enough Events to challenge for a top 3 in the overall Championship..


May 1 2023

So this weekend 4/28-4/30 there was an Event at my local track ran by The Florida Racing Series, it is a series that runs throughout the state of Florida. It is a very competitive series it is a step up from the I4 Series that also runs through Florida. There were extreme rain storms that came through on Saturday night as well as Sunday morning. The event was postponed by 3 hours to do maintenance on the track. The practice was shortened to only 2 laps as well the event which had 26 races was cut down to 1 moto with 5 laps. Normally they run a 2 moto format with 4 laps each moto. I was very hesitant to do the race because of the conditions, but my friends as well as my dad helped me get through my doubts. I ended up with a hole shot, in my first ever gate drop on metal starting gates as well. Lead 2 laps ended up taking home the 2nd place trophy. It was a great first race in my racing career. I am looking forward to competing in many more races in the future. Thank you to all whom have sponsored me before I even had competed in any race whatsoever. :)