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Personal History

Well, my names Will, William is my real name. Ive been riding for about 8 years now,and have dabbled in som racing,but neve got serious. Last year though i really wanted to race, so I went to Millcreek Motocross, in Alabama,and got 4-7 in the C class. For my first race, I was pretty pumped about that. Then me and my dad wanted to go to Budds Creek. We  went and I got 8-4, in motocross,and 7th in supercross. I wasnt o pumped about that because, I was involved in a practice crash and bruised my solaplex pretty bad. So I wasnt feeling to good. Then we thought we would do the Mill creek Challengers Cup, i only signed up for C in motocross, and got 2-3 for 2nd overall. That was awesome!=]. After that the gold cup came around. The first race i did in the series was in lakeland florida,and i didnt do to good, i got 11-8, so of course i was pretty bummed, i just couldnt get comfortable. Then ready for a new weekend we went to reddick and it poured the whole week before, so we couldnt do saturday practice. Then in the race I went down in the first turn and got back to 12th. 2nd moto I got swapped going over the step-up,and went down, and ended up in 10th, so that was'nt a very good weekend. Then the final round at gatorback, I got a good first moto, in 5th. Then the 2nd moto, the goons in C class freakin ban-zied off the downhill and one of them landed on my back tire and i went down in the bottom of the hill. Got up and back to 10th. Then we did the mini-o's, got the holeshot in supercross, led the first lap, then slid out going into the corner after the step over, tore off my radiator, dented my head pipe, so i was done in supercross. Motocros comes around, in the 1st moto I was in 5th,and slid out and stayed in 6th throughout the race. That track was muuuuddddddyyyyyy. Weekend wasnt going well so we decided to go home and fix my bike and get ready for the upcoming 08' season. So thats what ive been doing lately, just gettin ready.

Riding Goals

This year I feel really good, Ive picked up my speed, so now Im ready to take on all of the amatuer nationals this season. I really think this year is my year to show everyone how I am and what I can do. Of course every rider would say this, but riding speaks louder than words. so look for the number 902 at the front of the pack.

Competitive Highlights

Millcreek Ponca Qualifier: 5th overall

Budds Creek Amateur Day: MX-4th overall
                                       SX-7th overall

Millcreek Challengers Cup: 2nd overall

Florida Gold Cup-Lakeland: 6th overall

Florida Gold Cup-Reddick: 12th overall

Florida Gold Cup-Gatorback: 7th overall

Florida Mini Olympics: SX-N/A
                               MX- 6th