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Personal History

Name         Billy Carling
Age            27
Height        5’11
Weight       175lbs
Classes      250A, Open A, Pro Nationals- 450 Class (attempting to qualify)
Number      513

As a child, I always enjoyed watching motocross videos. The sport caught my interest to the extent that one day, around the age of 6, my dad bought me my own Suzuki JR50. Since I loved riding it, we started going to a local practice track for fun. About 10 years old, I felt comfortable enough to try racing. Racing was such a success for me that I qualified for LL Regional in 5 different classes in 2012. At Loretta's, I placed 22nd in Open Mod B and 19th in Open B Stock. After Loretta's, I advanced to A class where I then started racing Pro-Am events. In 2013, between working full time and starting my first year of college, I managed to race the Pro-Am events, follow the D6 Series, and I qualified for Loretta's in the A classes. In 2014, I achieved my goal by obtaining my Pro License. Since then, I have been determined to qualify for a Pro National. Due to practicing and training, I have not been following series and attending as many races as I have in the past. My focus is to accomplish my long term goal, any help or opportunities that can be given to me to achieve that goal would be greatly appreciated!

Aside from mx, I am a full time machinist, I recently received my certificate for completion of CNC Machinist Journey Worker Apprenticeship Program, and I enjoy bmx'ing throughout the winter. I have an awesome support system and I can't wait to see what the 2022 mx season holds!

Riding Goals

After getting my bike race ready and dialed in, my focus is to accomplish my long term goal, qualifying for a pro national.  With support and determination, I feel confident that my goal can be achieved.  To help me prepare, I train daily and I will continue to race on a weekly basis this coming season. 

Competitive Highlights

Loretta Lynn's 2012
Advanced to "A" Class after Loretta's
Pro License 2014
Mainline MX Champion 2015
Budds Creek 2016 National, 3 seconds from qualifying (450 Class)

2012 Results
Raced 28 different events
Over 74 entries
Qualified for LL Regional in 5 different classes
Qualified for LL Amateur National Championship
Placed 22nd in Open Mod B and 19th in Open B Stock
Advanced to “A” Class after Loretta’s
Raced 3 Pro-Am events

2013 Results
Raced 37 different events
Over 59 entries
Qualified for LL in “A” Classes
Attended Pro-Am races to gain points for Pro License
D6 Series
D7 select races

2014 Results
Raced 19 different events
Over 35 entries
Obtained Pro License
Attempted to qualify for Unadilla Pro National

2015 Results
Raced 16 different events
Over 33 entries
Won Mainline MX Championship
Attempted to qualify for Redbud, Ironman, and Unadilla Pro National

2016 Results
Raced 12 different events
Over 20 entries
Attempted to qualify for Unadilla and Budds Creek Pro National

2017 Results
Raced over 20 events
Over 40 entries
Participated in the Racer X Event at MX207 in Maine
Won Open A for Henrietta Classic D6 Series

2018 Results
Raced 25 different events
Over 50 entries
Followed Henrietta Classic D6 Series
Followed MDRA Series
Won Henrietta Classic D6 Championships- Open and 250 A
Won MDRA Championships- Open and 250 A