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How to choose a garbage bag that is suitable for home use

How to choose a garbage bag that is suitable for home use Every home must have a "garbage bag" or "black bag" attached to the house to put garbage or other things that are not used. There are many sizes and sizes to choose from. But how do you know which size garbage bag to use? What thickness is suitable for general waste? What thickness is it for carrying a lot of heavy things? What are the benefits of trash bags? And what brand of garbage bags are there? Let's follow to see the information.

Garbage bags are made from recyclable plastic such as HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), a tough, lightweight plastic that is easy to transport and store. It also helps prevent odor and water as well. Suitable for general waste Can be used in both home and office LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plastic has similar properties but is tough. good flexibility and more durable than the first plastic Suitable for disposing of wet waste such as food scraps, eggshells, fruit shells, as well as sharp objects. and PE (Polyethylene) plastic beads that are tough, durable, waterproof and moisture resistant. Can be used for packing or general waste. Because the garbage bags are made from recycled materials. causing the color and properties to change from the original Most of the trash bags are blackened for ease of production and use.

How to buy a garbage bag should be selected according to the thickness and size. If it is general waste, choose a garbage bag with a thickness of 0.90 millimeters is enough, but if it is kitchen waste such as food scraps, heavy objects or sharp objects, choose a garbage bag with a thickness of 1.5 millimeters or labeled "heavy garbage". The size of the bag is compared to the capacity of the trash bin as follows:

Size 18×20 inches, suitable for about 10 liters of trash,

22×30 inches, suitable for about 30 liters of trash,

24×28 inches, suitable for about 40 liters of trash,

26×30 inches, suitable for about 40 liters of trash,

size 28 × 36 inches, suitable for about 50 liters of trash,

size 30 × 40 inches, บ้านคอนโด.cc suitable for about 60 liters of trash,

36 × 45 inches, suitable for about 120 liters of trash,

40 × 60 inches, suitable for about 200 liters of trash,

45 × 60 inches, suitable for approximately 240 liters of trash.

Generally garbage bags are black. Because it helps to cover the garbage that is inside well. and looks tidy when disposed of Now, there are more colors to choose from, such as green, blue, yellow, red, for the convenience of sorting waste before disposal.