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Personal History

My name is Weston Schultz, I am 15 years old and i live in Spicewood,Texas. I race mostly cross country harescrambles and a little bit of Enduros. I go to Marble Falls high school and I am in the top %10 percent of my class making all A's. I am in athletics to keep in shape and in a club class interact which helps the less fortunate. I ride a yz125 in three different series Torcs,Xtreme, and TRH. I am in the B class looking to move up!

Riding Goals

My long term riding goal is to be able to be competitive in the pro class by the time I am 18. My short term is to become faster and more comfortable on my bike. I would also like to move up to the A class by the beginning of summer.

Competitive Highlights

2012 2nd place open c 2013 1st place open b spring series 2013 1st overall 2hr