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Personal History

My mame is Wesley MAC Samford AKA PYRO. I've been riding for a year and started racing in January. I have 4 races under my belt, 4th, 2nd, 1st, and a 17th place (This was a Loretta Lynn Qualifier race). I started out on a PW80 my dad modified and it was a blast. I then moved up to a KX85 for racing. I love Motocross and I love wrenching on bikes. I am 11 years old and I can rebuild an engine, rebuild a carb, and I love to maintenance my bike. I have 4 races with a 4th, 2nd, 1st, and 17th places finishes. 17th was my first LLQ. I hope to run another LLQ and win the 2017 EMX series and the South TX Winter Series! Until 85 beginner and 85 open.


On 4-9-2017 I race the Series final race and I am current tied for 1st in the series.  Just beat that one rider and I'll take home the title of South TX Winter Series Champion 2017.  We are also having a shoot out with the Central Texas Riders and that's just another trophy to take home.  I will run the 85 begginers class but also going to run the 85 open so I can start preparing to move up a class.  Thanks to all who have gotten me to this point in a years time and only 4 months of racing.  Going for the Win!

On 4-23-2017 We start the EMX series and I'm ready for another challenge.  I love racing!


Well I had a tough start at 3 palms for round 2 of the EMX.  I blew my top end but I was able to race out at Rio Bravo for round 3 of the series and pulled off a 3rd place finish in 85 beginner and 6th in the 85 open.  The bike set up was perfect.  I just want to get good enough to qualify for Loretta next year. If I can pull that off the sky is the limit.  Thanks to all my sponsors and the support and BIG Thanks to my DAD.  He makes all of it happen.  Let's go racing! 



OMG!  I got a new bike!  2017 KX85!  Thank you to my DaD for having faith enough in me to get me a new bike.  The 2001 now becomes my practice bike.  Time to get serious for REAL!

On 5/13/2017 we raced out at the historic RIO BRAVO motocross park in the EAST SIDE Summer Showdown and I picked up 3rd in the 85 beginner class and 4th in the 85 open class!


Riding Goals

To Qualify for the Loretta's in 2018.

To become a pro super cross rider and start a freestyle journey as well.

Competitive Highlights

4 races with all top 5 finishes except for the LLQ!


Running the Loretta Lynn qualifier was the highlight of my race career to date.  It was a real eye opener and I am grateful for the opportunity to run in the LLQ!