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Personal History

My name is Wayne Rathburn and I have been riding dirt bikes since I was around seven years old. I started racing back in 1999 and raced around the new england area and won a couple championships in the area. When I was 18 I was offered to ride a honda through a privateer team but it never panned out due to the manager backing out. I train kids at the local practice areas to help support my racing. I have a wealth of knowledge about the sport and like to share it with everyone in the sport and the products I use.

Riding Goals

My goal for the 2021 motocross season is to take the championship at the local motocross track Winchester Speed park in the 30+ B class. I will also attend many events for New England motocross series.

Competitive Highlights

When I was growing up I raced at alot of local tracks in new england and won or trophied in many of the races I entered. I won a championship at a local track series in 2002 and then in 2003 won the championship in the nemx series. Since around 2005 or so I have struggled with injuries and set backs but I am finally 100 percent and ready to represent. In 2019 I won the local Winchester speedpark supercross championship in the 30+B class. In 2020 I took sixth overall in the 30+B class championship at Winchester speed park for motocross.