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Personal History

My name is Wayne Baird, I'm 26 years old.

I love riding dirt bikes! If i'm not riding dirt bikes or racing. I am hanging out with my friends and family. 

I also run my own business as a video marketer and videographer. I spend time making funny videos on my youtube channel and making my own dirt biking videos.

Riding Goals

I just stared racing this year but have been progressing really fast as I've been riding for quite a long time. I'm racing on a 2017 250x right now but I will be upgrading to a 450f next spring. not sure what make of bike to get yet though.

Competitive Highlights

I have only been doing team races until the season starts up for 2018. The team races are 3 guys per team that race for 4 hours and see who can get the most laps. The first race i was in we placed 6th out of 15 teams and I also got the holeshot award.