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Personal History

I am a full time firefighter/e.m.t. in Indianapolis, IN.  I started racing motocross when I was a kid and  I now have a seven year old son who loves motocross.  I thought about the great times that I had growing up racing and riding and how my father would work on my bike.  I feel this created a great bond between my father and myself.  I am now racing again and loving it.  I am creating the same bond with my son that my father and I shared.  The time that my family spends at the track is priceless. 

Riding Goals

In 09' I am going to run in a local series racing 250 c class.  I will also be competing in the Fire and Police Motocross.  I am going to race some hare srambles and gncc.

Competitive Highlights

07' second overall pfmx

o7' third overall pfmx

08' second overall pfmx

08' fourth overall pfmx

08' first overall gpmx