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Personal History

I’ve been riding since 2000, turned pro in 2006. I raced The Outdoor
Nationals 2007-2008 and Supercross East coast 2008. Crossed over to 
Freestyle Motocross in 2009. The way I see it, everyday spent riding 
my dirtbike, for shows or for fun, is a great day to be alive. Doing                        
what you love means never having to work a day in your life.                        
Performing in packed stadiums, in front of thousands of people,                             
fuels my desire to be credible in what I do and to also present                        
myself well. The time I have spent doing Freestyle has been used 
wisely and I am looking forward to a successful future in the sport.
2009 - Japan Freestyle Exhibition - six weeks
Mexico - Feld Monster Truck show freestyle Mania’s 
Feld Monster Truck show events throughout the year, 
East Coast and Mid West.
St. Pete 97X concert
Canada - Evolution Extreme Action Sports Tour
Feld Monster Truck show Freestyle Exhibitions - East 
Coast and Mid West.
Costa Rica - Freestyle Exhibitions
Fairs - Indiana/West Virginia/Michigan/Wisconsin/Ohio and more.
Mexico - Feld Monster Truck show Freestyle Mania
Feld Monster Truck show Freestyle Exhibitions - East Coast and Mid West.
Mexico - Air show
South Carolina - Air show
Fair show demos
Georgia - Impulse Live Music Festival
Japan -– September through November Freestyle exhibitions
I also work at Disney World full time at their Lights Motor Action Stunt Show.

Riding Goals

Continue making a living and traveling the world riding my dirtbike.