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Personal History

My name is Tyler, I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 5 years old and there is nothing i rather do than ride! I went from a Yamaha 85 to a Kawasaki 250 and thats what I'm riding now. I have tried to race before and everytime I raced in the past I have got hurt. I just decided this year to race again and my first race back a boy hit me and I got stitches. That didn't stop me from racing. I have been racing more series now. I am currently a C rider; but going to be a B rider. I am competative and am going to continue to race!

Riding Goals

My goal for this year is being all I can be and putting all I can give into this sport!

Competitive Highlights

One of my best highlights is one of my races at Zoo City Mx when I came out of the gate in around 8th place then got myself all the way to third place; and on the third lap I got around the second and first place man and got my first victory which made me want to continue racing and go for my life goal. Going professional in motocross/supercross.