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Personal History

I was born in Colorado, we had 2 Yamaha dealerships there when I was 5 we moved here to Utah. In my house there's just me my mom and dad and my older sister. What I really like to do is go on 5 to 6 mile runs go mountain bike riding and just ride my dirt bike. I have fun with my family going golfing, and I just like spending time with my family.

Riding Goals

I want to make it to Loretta Lynn's this 2018 year and someday become pro on t.v.

Competitive Highlights

My first year ever racing in 2016 I was the overall champion in RMX series and went into this year 2017 with a first place then I crashed out and my first race back was the Utah state championship and I got 10th then 8th then 6th with a 7th place overall. I would love to ride for you guys thanks for being great!