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Personal History

Tyler is in the 6th grade at Vernon Middle School in Vernon, Florida and has been on the honor roll since kindergarden. According to his Dad, Tyler applies himself to his riding with the same enthusiasm he has toward his studies.

Tyler's Dad completed in Motocross and Enduro in the 1970's and finished his competitive riding with a first place in-class position at the 1976 Atlanta Supercross. When his Dad bought Tyler his first bike, a KDX50, it was without consideration that Tyler might someday also be interested in competing. Now riding the KX85, Tyler is proving himself to be a formitable opponent. Tyler's Dad is impressing the "safety first" rule and Tyler seems to be absorbing every bit of it.

Riding Goals

During this coming season Tyler wants to improve his start skills and increase his directional change speed in the leg-up config as well as work on increasing his jump confidence, distance and speed. Tyler is trying to find that perfect bike-rider config where the bike is truely just another part of the rider.

Competitive Highlights

Tyler feels that right now his greatest competitive highlight is simply keeping himself and his bike in one piece. During a testing session in March 2010, Tyler's Dad was on the bike after adjusting the carb and came out of a long-run wheelie with too much rear brake. He shattered his left pelvis and upper left leg. He is able to ride again, however the story he told me about how it all happened makes me believe that he has come to the reality that his place now is helping Tyler become a professional rider, with his feet firmly planted on the ground. Tyler is sure his Dad has satisfactorily shown him what NOT TO DO when coming out of a high-long-run wheelie!