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Personal History

I grew up in a small town.... lived there till I was 8 years old. I started riding when I was 2 1/2 years old from 5 to 11 years old I have over 100 trophies most 1st place then I moved to Hannibal Missouri ran into money problems and had to sell my dirt bikes. Now I just got a crf250R and I have rode it twice. Im just a normal kid trying to live my dream with what I've got my father always told me that I have a certain talent like im born to race. He says my form is just as good as an A riders. It just comes naturally to me. I pick up in a day what most people have to work on for weeks and I'm fearless. Just have no money to ride or buy a good bike.

Riding Goals

My goals are to be better than my dad. He says that he didn't start racing till he was 18 and went pro at 21 years old. He says I'm better than he was and I am just hoping to live the dream that I have had ever since I first got on a dirt bike with my dad as a baby.

Competitive Highlights

I'm a very competitive person I don't believe that anyone is faster than me. I'm not afraid to drive it in on someone but i will not force it and take someone out on purpose I will let them know i am there and that they need to move or get moved.