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Personal History

I work as a high school science teacher and love being able to inspire students each day. Seeing them grasp new concepts and take interest in the sciences is so rewarding. Outside the classroom, I enjoy rock climbing, cooking, reading fantasy novels, and spending time with my golden retriever, Bailey. We go on hiking adventures every weekend to new parks and trails. It's a nice change of pace from my busy work days. I've also become an avid Overwatch 2 player recently. It's an awesome hero shooter with high skill ceilings. To improve my competitive ranking and skillset faster, I utilize Overwatch boosting services (check my website). Being paired with elite players has accelerated my learning tremendously. I've absorbed so many great tips on gameplay strategy and hero mastery from boosters. Teaching is still my main passion, but gaming is a great way to unwind and keep learning outside work. Overwatch 2 really satisfies my competitive side.