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Personal History

I received my first bike by the age of two. Since then there has been nothing else that I’ve wanted todo but ride my dirt bike. I won my first ever race by the age of five, and we started racing locally quite a bit winning many races, but never raced anything outside of our local tracks.

It was at the age of nine that my mom thought it was time to take some time off the bike. The reason for this was because my dad had got into a major accident while riding his dirt bike. He broke his back and had to learn how to walk again. So we stayed close and made sure we were always there for him. With lack of riding school became the main focus for my mom, the only way she would let me ride was for me to give her A’s and B’s or to maintain the highest possible GPA that I knew I was capable of. Although it didn't take long before the urge to start racing again kicked in.

By the age of thirteen I was starting high school I asked my parents if I could start riding and racing full time. They didn't go for it, they said I had to finish high school first with high grades and with acceptance into colleges. So I knew what I had to do, training and riding as much as possible so by the time I graduated I could try and compete at a decent level.

Then the time came, I finally graduated six months early with over a 3.5 GPA and acceptance into many college universities. With completing my parent’s tasks they rewarded me with fitness and riding trainers to help build my level of ability on and off the bike. With just the few months out of school and riding full time and the help of Travis Preston I was able to knock six seconds off my lap times and went from just a mid-pack rider to competing for titles.

This is my first year trying to fulfill a lifelong dream and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I’m going to keep working hard and going to do whatever it takes to be the best rider I can be.

Riding Goals

Goals/Plans for 2016 My plan for 2016 is to hit as many local races as possible. Hit as many of the Nationals as I can and continue to work with my trainers to be the best that I can be. Below is a list on nationals I am planning on attending

Competitive Highlights

2014 Ponca City 250  mod champion