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Personal History

I used to race when I was little and I’ve always loved it. I’ve always loved to work on things and especially my bikes. I love to work out and spend time focusing on making myself better for the next race. I also love to watch races and cheer my competition on. At the moose run when I lost the lead due to a mechanical issue I help the rider in second get past the part where my bike broke so he could win. I love helping other people with races and anything in general

Riding Goals

My goals are to make something out of this. To be pro in the local series would be fine with me. But if soemthing better than that happens I’d love that. I’d like to win a class championship but I have way to due to bike issues and issues with race scheduling. What I mean by that is going to a bigger or better race instead of staying at the local series. My 2019 year me and my dad plan to do all local series races (mxc) and go for the A class championship. And also go for a class championship at the local arenacross series (mendota il). I’d like to win a hare scramble and arenacross championship in one year. 

Competitive Highlights

Like I said I used to race when I was little. But I stopped due to financial issues. But I recently got back into it with my dad. I just finished my second year of racing again and I am already moving up to A class. Some other highlights are when I raced the Ironman gncc in 2017. I almost pulled the holeshot in 125b class and then took the lead next corner. Then after a few minutes of running away with the lead the bike locked up. I’ve finished the 2017 moose run     . In the 2018 moose run, I had a dead last start and managed to take the lead just 40 minutes into the race. I would have won but the bike had a mechanical issue and I wasn’t able to finish the race.