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Personal History

I'm 24 years old I first started riding when I was 4. I have two brothers one younger and one older and we all grew up racing. My little brother is actually the reason I got back into racing this year. Racing has always been a passion of mine and it's something that's always going to stick with me till I die. I love being at the track and in the racing atmosphere.

Riding Goals

My goals are always to progress and learn from my mistakes. I like when I have friends and family watching me and are able to give me tips to where I could change something.

Competitive Highlights

I am very competitive as all of us racers are, I don't have a problem doing some rubbing if I need to but I try and not to cause any animosity with my fellow competitors. I don't want to damage my equipment or anyone else's I know how costly it is just to even be at the track.