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Personal History

Trevor is constantly is outside riding his bicycle. He likes anything to do with outdoors. Trevor is homeschooled and is very involved with learning new things. Loves being at the race tracks cheering everyone on. His moto buddies are like family to him and has met his closet friend at the track, they are competitive on the track but off they act like they weren't even racing each other! Currently riding in AMA district 3 in New York. He has been riding dirtbikes since the Age of 3. He started riding on a pw50 around the house and at a local track by our house. In 2017 he rode a couple races in district 3. 2018 he switched to a cobra 50 jr to start out racing in the series. 2019 he switched to a cobra 50 sr bike and raced that until 2021, which he will be riding a cobra 65! 2022 he started out on a cobra 65 and then decided he wanted to move up and got a 2021 husqavarna 85.

Riding Goals

Trevor's riding goals are to just keep learning and improving himself well having fun doing it also.

Competitive Highlights

Trevor won the overall points championship for 2018 in the 4-6 class on a cobra 50 jr for his 1st year of being in District 3. Also was the 2019 1st place points champion of the night cross series he attended. For the 2019 AMA district 3, Trevor finished 2nd in points but with a very close finish to the 1st place runner, after not attending all the district races due to trying out other tracks and other obligations that he couldnt attend the race that weekend, he worked hard and was able to catch up! Trevor also ended up coming in 2nd overall for points in District 3, 50cc open 4-8 class for 2019, after only completing about 1/2 of the races for this season! For the 2020 race season it was cut a little short due to covid. Trevor competed in the District 3 series again. For the 50 cc 7-8 class he finished 1st overall and he also finished 1st overall in the 50cc open class! He started on the 65 class towards the end of the season. For 2021 he will be on a cobra 65! For 2021 he wants to strive for learning and getting better on the 65 as the year goes on! For the 2021 season Trevor moved up to the 65 class for District 3 he also raced the Jr mini class. He took 2nd place overall for the 65 class after pushing himself each weekend. He also took 5th place overall for the Jr Mini class!