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Rider Updates

Oct 31 2018

Man, what an awesome season...competing up front consistently and best of all this is the first year in five years without suffering a broken bone!

Sep 25 2018

My last moto of 250C this past Sunday = 3rd in the holeshot, 3rd in the moto and 3rd overall! Finally got a good start and was fighting up front where I belong, fighting for the win!

Sep 2 2018

Well...back home in Michigan this to ride a couple motos at Martin MX before it stormed done early...then all tracks in the area cancelled today due to the large amounts of rain that fell yesterday...

Aug 27 2018

Had an awesome weekend at Windy Ridge MX...rebuilt motor and suspension were plush...thanks, Dad and Mom!!

Aug 26 2018

Dude...why does the rain continue to follow us everywhere we go, every weekend!!

Aug 22 2018

Heading back to the track after three weeks of waiting for an engine rebuild and and a suspension rebuild. Heading to East Fork MX this weekend.

Aug 20 2018

Melted stator and pulse coil as a result of the original issue of a blown head gasket and badly overheated head and cylinder...hense, no "juice" to fire the spark plug.

Aug 19 2018

Before and after photos uploaded...many, many new parts and cosmetics. The top photo of the collage is the fresh, new look for our fast B-rider, Trevor Allen. Got the motor and suspension back from #SpeedTechnologies. Graphics and plastics are from #SplitDesignsLLC.

Aug 15 2018

Motor and suspension will be back from Speed Technologies this Friday, August 17, 2018!! Dad and I are putting my bike back together when he gets out of work on Friday!!

Aug 11 2018

Well...I've been away from for a little over three years; my Dad thought it would be more beneficial to use  However, we have finally learned that Hookit is not what it is cracked up to be...the site is not user friendly nor is it as appealing as  My recommendation is to stay away from Hookit! 

My Dad just updated three years worth of racing results!  **ALL RESULTS ARE OFFICIAL AND ACCORDING TO MY AMA RACE CENTER at:

I have experienced a broken bone (following four bad wrecks and dirt naps) each year for the last four years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017!  Praying to God that this year is a significant injury free year.  Things are going awesome and I am performing and finishing awesome!  I began riding this year at the age of 14 on my new KX250F.  I have been recovering from a broken leg (from a crash on July 23, 2017, at Log Road MX in Bronson, MI) all last summer and this winter...BUT this spring and summer have been soooooo fun and soooooo successful!  I am much more confident, much more focused and much taller and stronger than last year; I went through a growth spurt while injured and recovering...grew nearly five inches and gained 17 pounds!!!!!! 

We are training both on the track and off the track and my goal is to put up a good fight next spring as I plan to pursue a Loretta Lynn qualification!  Injuries and timing have prevented me from doing so in the last couple of years.  I did, however, attend and qualify at Mini O's on my 85 in the Fall of 2016...sooooooo much fun!

I have been waiting to ride for the last two weeks due to an engine blowup.  We are waiting for Speed Technologies to rebuild the motor and the front and rear Mom and Dad are transforming the appearance and runability of my bike when the motor and s

Nov 1 2014

My Mom and Dad just had Schaefer Tracks, LLC out of Lake Elsinore, CA build me an 8 acre practice track on our 14.2 acres of God's green earth. The track is awesome...Loretta's, here I come!!

Sep 13 2014 family and I close on our new house and property the first week of October Dad has already scheduled Schaefer Tracks to design and construct an awesome private practice MX track on 7.5 acres of our 12 acres immediately after we take ownership of the house and property in early October 2014.  This track will be much better, much faster and much larger than our practice track we had in goal is to hit the bike and track hard while the weather still cooperates this fall/year and physically train and ride at indoor tracks in the area/region throughout the winter months...I want to qualify for Loretta Lynn's next year, my "varsity" (last year) on the 65cc!

Trevor M. Allen

May 8 2014 Dad has a new job back home where we are originally from, Centreville, Michigan.  What that means is he is over there working and me, my sister, my Mom and my pups are all still stuck here in Wisconsin while we wait for school to get out and/or for our house here to sell.  I am very excited to finally get back home to and around our families and friends...and most of all to begin riding and racing in the GLMX series!  I miss my Dad and I miss our religious practice routine...and I miss racing!!

Aug 22 2013

It has been an awesome summer...I have moved up in place throughout the summer.  I practice on my personal track 4-5 days a week.  I have a brand new 2014 KX85 and I love it...faster and much more plush than my 2013 KTM 65SX.

Mar 10 2013

I am anxious to get on my very own personal practice track built by Mr. John Steiner and his MX Track Builder Co team...however, we still have 7+ inches of snow on the ground here in south-central Wisconsin! On the brighter side of the news, I want to thank my newest sponsors for their support this year...Leatt, ASV, O'Neal, Gearne and Decal MX! I am proud and honored to be supported by such well known companies. I look forward to representing all of them during this year's very long, eventful AMA District 16 season.