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Personal History

I've ridden since I was five at my grandfathers 75 acre plot and always wanted to race but due to maintenance and cost my dad refuses to allow me. I would like to get a new bike ,crf150rb, so I can continue to further my skill and get better as a rider. I have always loved riding, but aside from riding I enjoy spending my time outdoors either fishing, hunting, and playing sports. When my mom died in 2010 due to a blood clot in her brain, I didn't do anything for a long time. For a few months I had a hard time doing anything and I appeared lost. In 2012 my dad gave me my first smile in years when he took me to the deal after a soccer game. About a week later we brought the bike home and I don't think I ever got off. For about three years I rode about 2-3 hours everyday. I believe this is where I get my feelings for motocross and dirtbikes in general. 

Riding Goals

My goals are to get a new, lighter, and faster race bike. I would really like to sell my klx140 and get a crf150rb. If im able to do so and start racing I would like to learn how to get big air, whip, and scrub. 

Competitive Highlights

I've never raced competitively but there's always time for a first. I would like to race and continue free riding as well.