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Personal History

Hi I'm Trehvan McMorris. My Dad is Doyle and my mom is Connie. I have a younger brother named Rhyker. I love racing motox, I also play hockey and take jui jit su. You all might know my cousin, Mark McMorris he is a huge inspiration to me.  This year in 2023 i am racing My 2023 KX 250F.  I just turned 16.  I am currently sitting in first place overall in both the junior and junior open class.

Riding Goals

I just want to become the best rider I can. I want to take 1st place in the circuit I ride in. It starts up in may. So for now it's working out and hockey but can't wait to get back on my bike.

Competitive Highlights

My first year of racing was last year. Started late at 13. But I had a pretty good season. I finished 4 the overall in the 85 cc class but I missed a race do to family holidays. Had I made that race I probably would of finished 3rd overall. I also placed 5 the overall in the supermini. I missed 2 of those races so missed out on lots of points there. I also only rode my 85 cc in the supermini against bikes that were bored out.