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Personal History

I like to do anything adventurous. Boating, wakeboarding, snowbarding, paintballing, snowmobiling, pretty much anything with an engine! Especially my motorcycle. I live right next to the mountains, and also work a full time job, every chance I get i'm getting on my bike right after work and heading up to the hills, or out to a track to practice.

Riding Goals

This year I'm moving into the Pro class. I'm going to be practicing a lot, hoping to be at the top of the group by the end of the season!

Competitive Highlights

I started riding when I was three, on my Dad's home made motorcycle. I've been on a dirt bike ever since! I started riding competitively in 450 junior when I was 16.That only lasted one season! The next year I moved up to Intermediate, traveled around the states and hit a few Nationals. Looking to go far! I'm moving up to pro this season.