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Rider Updates

Sep 6 2020

Had a great time racing at the RMX Finale raced great in the 450 class and was feeling good on the bike and the track felt like it was in my favor. had another bike hit my rear tire in the last moto of the 250 class and took me out of the race. had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance and found out all was good and that I would be very sore. woke up the next morning to the Idaho state championship and felt like I could race so I did, and ill tell ya that is the smoothest and best i have ever felt on my bike and track it was all going so smooth and came out 5th over all and finally got me my first AMA trophy. I feel so good about it and proud of myself. What a good time I had 

Aug 22 2020

WENT AND RACED A GOOD RACE AT the Ogden Utah hot springs track i feel i did pretty good anyway had a lot of fun cant wait till the next race.

Aug 16 2020

Had a great weekend training with Pro Rider Bennie Williams learned a lot and now feel like I can take on my Novice class and hold my own 

Aug 8 2020

Went out and put in an 8 hour practice today. really working on my corners. had a lot of fun at Teel MX park. 

Jul 26 2020

Racing has been a little different for me this year trying to get used to riding a big bike and racing with the 450's makes me nervous but i think im starting to figure it out. Started doing some kind of work out program and trying to build up my core so i can control the bigger bike so far so good. Now i just need to build some speed on the track.

May 16 2020

Went out to TealMX for Practice today. figured alot out man was it fun! Stepped up to the 125/250 class and feels real good.

Apr 18 2020

Went out and had a practice with coach Teller today, all this time off had made me week i got my but kicked out there and he kept me pushing. He is such a good coach and I owe what ive done this far to him. 

Mar 18 2020

Well getting my new sponsor graphics on the bike did some up grades this year getting excited. it sux the first races were postponed because of current situations going on around the world. Hopefully things change soon i am ready to race.

Aug 11 2019

Hit the track for practice before the triple crown next weekend i think i figured some things out cant wait 

Jun 22 2019

We went a nd raced the RMX series in Preston Idaho and the track was awesome but I tink its time for a new piston shes starting to get sluggish when trying to start 

Jun 1 2019

Went to Demo Days 2019 out at the local motocross track rode the new 2019 yz 85 and the 125  im thinking my  85 will run their guts out way impressed with my own bike but still had fun made friends with the track owner and now have a job helping with the track cant wait 

May 11 2019

WOW !!!!!!  spent the day at the RMX races in Rupert Idaho and it was an awesome time didnt get to race my last moto because i had no idea what LCQ meant turns out i has to qualify for the last moto we know for next time. racing was great trainer says i did awesome and am alot faster now so bring on the next race........

Apr 20 2019

Got my new ProTaper chain today I am so excited to get this bad boy on my bike and try it out the  the weekend cant come fast enough

Apr 18 2019

Went out to the practice at noise park yesterday great practice think i may have the hang of all this now  

Apr 13 2019

We went to the RMX races in Tooele Utah and there were so many 85 racers it was awesome really fun track to SUPER glad i had my Scott goggles to help with my racing. just put on my ProTaper sprocket set was awesome thanx to all my sponsors 

Mar 31 2019

We went out and had a practice today and i got to get on dads 250f wow my hands hurt from holding onto that thing. was a good practice I think im ready for RMX round 2 now 

Feb 21 2019

I got my new stickers for my bike with my sponsors on them. Dad helped me put them on and my bike looks so good now I cant believe it.

Feb 6 2019

I got my new number plate backgrounds ordered for my bike from Sean at DeCalWorks they are going to be awesome getting ready for my March race.

Jan 4 2019

We went to a winter indoor arenacross with RMX and I got to try out my new 6D helmet and all new stickers plus Dad rebuilt the top end it was so awesome  the event was in Ogden Utah at the Golden Spike arena  had a blast