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Personal History

MX Resume for Trace Jobe, Age 14
7015 East 117th
Bixby, Oklahoma  74008
May, 2012

     Trace Jobe has been racing motocross for over four years.  He started at age 11 with 65’s and has graduated to 85’s and Super Mini’s.  Trace has excelled in multiple motorcycle venues that include cross country, arena cross, and motocross; his experiences encompass entries in over 100 organized races at the local, state, and national level throughout Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Trace has proven he is dedicated to racing, and strives to be the best competitor possible, on and off the track.  His goal is to be a National Champion.
     Trace’s notable portfolio of achievements include: 2009 Oklahoma Cross Country Association Top Rider in 65B Class, 7th Place finish in the 2011 Oklahoma State Championship Series 85 Class (only rode in 5 of the 11 events), multi-recipient of Kawasaki contingency awards, and his current standing of 2nd place in 85 Sr. and 5th place in Super Mini in the 2012 Oklahoma State Championship Series (with 5 races of 9 complete). 
     Currently Trace is focused on making it to Loretta Lynn’s.  He has successfully qualified to participate in the South Central regional race in South Conroe, Texas in June.  He achieved his qualification in 85 Stock and 85 Modified at Thunder Valley in Lakewood, Colorado.  This is his first time to pursue Loretta Lynn due to injuries but not the first time to compete at national AMA and NMA levels.  Outcome results in these events have been disappointing because of mechanical failures and crashes (Baha Brawl, Branson, Ponca Nationals) but desire, effort, and heart were all 1st place finishes.  Additional upcoming national events that Trace anticipates participating in include: Ponca, Baha, Branson, and Mini O’s.
     The past four years has seen many ups and downs for Trace due to injuries (broken leg, shoulder, and hand).  With each injury, he has returned stronger, more focused, mature, and seasoned; overcoming injuries has deepened Trace’s character and appreciation for the sport.  He possesses a high degree of natural ability and has honed his motocross skills in order to compete with top riders.  Trace is a young man who lives motocross 24/7 and whose time for national exposure is near.  Trace Jobe personifies the “All American Boy”.


Riding Goals

Go as far in the sport as I can.