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Personal History

I’ve been riding since I was little, a huge inspiration would be my uncle who always had something to ride, when I was growing up, I remember riding with him on his Banshee, or his Sportsman. Then as I got older riding his Raptor, and driving his current Maverick X3. Another big thing that got me hooked was the Huevos movies, I swear my brother and I wore down the Huevos 3 VHS tape we had. My first bike was a KFX 90 I rode the hell out of that thing, unfortunately during the 2010 recession my parents had to get rid of it and there bikes. Fast forward 4-5yrs later my dad retired after 42yrs with the IUOE Local 701, and with part of his defined contribution purchased my brother and I both bikes, knowing that drive and want to ride was still there. I got an 03 Polaris Predator 500. I rode it for a few years and after some mechanical issues sold it. Then I’m 2017 after I got off of the Umpqua North Complex fire. I had that itch again and bought an 03 Banshee. I loved that thing, it was my dream bike, I went all over the coast with that thing. Then I’m 2020 after finding out I was going to be a father I sold it. Once again though that itch came back and I recently purchased an 08 Kawasaki KFX 450R. I have plans with this thing and goals this season to compete with it. A sponsorship would be awesome because let’s face it riding/racing isn’t cheap. So anything to take some of the load off whether it be gear or parts it would be awesome. Riding is a huge stress reliever, when you’re out riding there’s nothing that matters  but you and what you’re doing. 

Riding Goals

My goals this year is to keep riding woods and dunes recreationally, but also get into Moto. I’ve ran on tracks but mainly 1 on 1 or by myself, so I’d like to race an actual moto race. I also will be looking for an GP races with an ATV class, or an GNCC style races. I also will be potentially competing at Dunefest, or UTV Takeover.

Competitive Highlights

Closest thing I’d have would be drag racing or hill shooting at the dunes. Guys would get me off the line but once I’d clutch and get my powerband up I’d be gone. Also I’d say going down into tree shots and climbing back out on a steeper or more technical portion of the hill, because I had the power, technique, and skill to do so.