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Personal History

I am 32 years old married father of three that just got back into racing last year.  I raced the jday off-road gp series and the jday sprint enduros on and off this year I am doing both series along with some gncc s and netra harescrambles.  The races I competed in I did very well I had 10 wins in the 18 races I did I raced the amateur vet class then the expert open and 250 class this year I am racing expert 250.  I took 10 years off while I started a family now I would like to be back racing and get my kids into as they grow older.

Riding Goals

To become a pro in the jday series this year.  I know I have the talent I’ve lived at the gym all winter long my conditioning is there now time to execute.

Competitive Highlights

I turned expert at 14 took some time off came back this past year and did very well for the races I did now it’s time to do a full season.