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Personal History

I am 45 years old and settling into the MX world.  My son has been racing for 8 years, and after watching him have success and fun, I decided I needed to get involved in the competitive side of it!!  Competition is something that I thrive on.  I am a retired bull rider that has a need for the "adrenaline" side of life.  After years of taking my son to MX schools and many races, it is time to implement what I was fortunate enough to learn through him. I have been enjoying good succes, including a top 5 at the Ponca City NMA Grand Nationals. After a serious injury, I have fought back to regain speed and stamina......simply love to race!!

Riding Goals

My short term goals for the remainder of this year is to finish the Texas Lonestar State Championship Series in first place.  I am riding against guys that have much more experience than I, but I have no doubt that I have the ability to compete and learn from the challenge.  I also will compete in the Inaugural "Best of Texas" Series starting the end of August.  I look forward to riding at the premier tracks that this series will be at.  I will race in the "B" class next year and plan to go to the NMA Ponca City Grand Nationals in the +30 Open Class.  I will select the series races I plan to attend next year in the near future.

Competitive Highlights

So far the highlights are not only the people I have become friends with, but that I have been fotunate enough to win some races in my first year aginst some really tough competition.  Racing with these more experienced guys is going to benefit me and make me a faster competitor!!!