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Personal History

I'm a late starter to the world of moto cross as a racer , although i've been a fan ever since i was little kid.

My father had a friend who raced and we would go to the races to watch him . i was hooked!!!

Just as my dad was going to let me race he was killed  in a car wreck!!!

So growing up in a home with my mother working two jobs and doing the best she could to rise my brother and i,racing was not in the cards . 

To make a long story short ,fast foward 25 years or so.... i never gave up on my dream racing so at the age of 39 i was on line and say that was going to be a big time in up state new york ((Unadilla)).so i got my camping gear together and off i went with my son who was 8 at the time and also was getting into motocross

Once we got the camp set up at a local camp ground ,we were there at the track !!! standing watching the pro's fling over the sky jump and the hair on my arms stood up.

Well the next week i had a bad ass yz125 and my son he had a z 50 .

The long and short of the matter is that i went from being lapped to leading in the points for most of the season in dist 34 a.m.a  , only to finsh third due to injury.

Riding Goals

My goal for this year is to finsh strongin the 40b class, where i'm alway's in the top ten after moving up from the 40c class.

next year is to win it!!!!

Competitive Highlights

going one one a few times as well as running in the top three most of the time.