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Personal History

I am really just getting started with dirtbikes seeing that I have only owned one for about 8 months but just recently I have found my passion in racing I love it. I had a kx 250f which just wasn't enough power for my body weight then I bought a used Honda crf 450r which I have raced 2 times and so far I love it. I am from texas working in nebraska, I am a conductor for bnsf so I travel a lot and I don't go anywhere without checking for races and deciding if im going to haul my bike along. and that's all there really is about me , just a small town kid trying to have some fun.

Riding Goals

I obviously know that at this point I am a little late on trying to go pro but that wont keep me from trying. I am very competive not only with others but with myself. For me as a rider I want to win what other goals are there to have duh.

Competitive Highlights

As this being my first year racing I was out for 3 months after I cased a double my first moto , but since then I have had 2 top ten finishes at Arapahoe and Lexington ne