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Personal History

My name is Tate Guerrettaz.  I am 22 years old and I live in Martinsville, IN. My cell phone number is (317)-503-9310. My future goal is to make it to a pro class competing in NEPG and/or GNCC. Like most I hope to become sponsored by a major team one day.When I graduated high school I ended up enlisting into the USMC (United States Marine Corps). Racing had slowed due to money becoming tight and my father working out of state, so I enlisted for 4 years. Last summer I was recently medically discharged (honorably). I was seen as unfit to the military but I feel like I am back to a competing level and just finished my first season back, planning on a full season next year.This season I competed in Open B classes on a KTM 300 to get back into the feel of things. We had ups and downs all season like good podiums and then had things like mechanical issues or just rusty experience. Overall I’m pleased with this season and being able to show I have what it takes to still compete by placing 2nd in the Stoney Lonesome series.Next season the plan is to compete in the Open B class again and by the end of the season be competing in Open A. I will be competing in the Stoney Lonesome MC series, NEPG series, and closer to home events in IXCR, CRXC, and GNCC. The machine in plan on racing next year is a 2019 KTM 300 xc.I graduated from Martinsville High School in 2016 with a B-C average. I excelled in mechanical drafting and mathematics. My only extended education is marine boot camp and training. I am currently a tattoo artist at Art Inkarnation in Martinsville,IN and challenge myself everyday artistically.I think that I would be a good representative for any brand because I am a consistent finisher. I am a hard worker and give my all in competing and training. I am also still very well-respected by other racers I compete and ride with. My current sponsors include O’Neal, Flo Motosports, Flow Vision, TAG, Acerbis, Twin Air, Factory Backing, Mobius, and Gaerne.I am looking forward for this next upcoming season and hope we have your support. Thanks from the 258 racing team.The current bikes that I’ve raced and ridden are: 2004 pw 50 Yamaha, 2006 sx 65 KTM, a 2006 kx 85 Kawasaki, a KTM 200xc. The current bike I am on is a 2019 KTM 300xc.

            I hope you will consider sponsoring me in the future. Thank you for looking.



                                    Tate Guerrettaz

Competitive Highlights


            1. Win more a series in a season

            2. Win more than 5 races in 1 season

            3. finish in top 3 in at least 3 seasons

            4. Have back to back wins

            5. Finish in the top 10 of points in every            

    series contended in (so far)