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Personal History

My name is Taner Ojers and i am seventeen years old. I have been racing motocross since i was five and its my passion and always will be. I am a honor roll student. My life is motocross, without it i dont know what i would do. I just want a chance to prove to everyone that i can be sucessful.

Riding Goals

My goals for this season is to get sponsors and to win many races.I plan on racing atleast three rounds of the worcs series and as many races as possible. Its just money has always been a factor that holds me back from reaching the next level and i dont think thats right. The main races that i can only race is local tracks and theres not many where i live. Im determined to overcome that and get sponsors to help out on gear and to prove that i can be sucessful.

Competitive Highlights

My latest highlights was getting 2nd place in the mohave valley mx championship.