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Personal History


Sydney Landis    








Hi my name is Sydney Landis and I’ve been riding dirt bikes since I was 5yrs old. I started out on a Suzuki JR-50 and eventually graduated to a Honda CRF-70. I am currently riding a Suzuki RM-65 which is more suited for motocross racing in which I love to do. I started riding at Statesville Minicross which is a privately owned Motocross training facility, owned by Steve Graves. I convinced my dad to take me to Statesville Minicross more and more, and it was then, Steve noticed my passion for the sport. He must have seen something in my riding and took me “under his wing”.  After several months of proper riding technique he convinced my dad I was ready to race.


My first race at Daniels Ridge MX was in August 2009 and I ran an awesome race. I have raced three of the last four races of the 2009 Spring/Summer series and placed 1st in all three. I am still learning a lot and look forward to racing full time at the Daniels Ridge 2009 Fall/Winter series starting October 24th 2009. The best part of racing the Fall/Winters series this year is a locally owned team has asked me to represent their JR Women’s class. I am so excited and look forward to learning, growing and sharing my racing knowledge as a team rider.


My favorite pro riders are Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana and James Stewart. My favorite sports are motocross and basketball.


Riding Goals

My hope is to race some AMA races in the summer of 2010.My dad and I are also planning to race alot of different tracks in 2010.We are currently competing for championship spots in the winter series at Daniels ridge in Taylorsville,N.C and at East bend in East bend,N.C.

Competitive Highlights

I remember a very muddy race at Daniels ridge. It was so muddy that we had to race a one moto only format and it was pouring the rain.Alot of people backed out and left but we stayed.I had two boys in my class and all three of us went down numerous times but in the end I won the race.My dad was so proud of me because he said he recognized my passion and the fight that I have in me.He said I never gave up and every time I went down in the mud I picked me and the bike back up got it cranked and pressed on.I will never forget spinning in the mud up a small hill to take the checkers.That was my hardest fought race so far.