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Personal History

I love to ride and anytime I get to is kinda of an excited event for me. Money is tight so I ride every weekend anytime I can. I have only one parent so that is the reason why money is tight sometimes. My father always puts his hardest into putting his time and money into getting me onto the track and getting me better. Sometimes I miss weekend but most of the time I'm riding. I started off on a YZ 85 which was a beautiful bike and now I'm on a 2013 YZ 250F which is the best bike I've ever had. Once I grow out of that bike I'm going onto my fathers 2012 YZ 450F and going to learn on that bike.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to start racing and become a professional motocross rider. I'm a currently a beginner and do very well on jumps, straight aways, whoops, and all the obstacles that come at me. The reason why I ride is because it makes me happy and makes me feel amazing when I accomplish something that I haven't done yet. I love learning new ways to go faster on the track. What I want to do this year is find a trainer and have them train me to become a better rider to start my racing career. If I don't race this year then I'll start racing next year which I know for sure I will be fast enough to qualify and start racing. I have confidence that I am a fast rider, I pass most people on the track which gives me more confidence.

Competitive Highlights

My accomplishments I have recently done is learning how to do a whip which I feel very comfortable doing on most jumps. I recently learned how to be faster out of corners as well when my father told me how to do it.