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Rider Updates

May 10 2016

Roughly 8 months after my crash, pulled a helmet on.

It made me smile.


Oct 3 2015

While racing at Washougal's 125 dream (9/20/16) race weekend in school boy class mixed in with the Pro's.I Crashed breaking my hip.

Five screws and a plate later I'm resting at home.

Aug 8 2015

Straddleline MX racing, four starts=four holeshots on the old (1996) RM250

Jul 17 2015

Talked dad into racing on a Friday night mx event at Pac. raceways. Enjoyed the two stroke.

Jun 14 2015

Team race with dad at Straddleline, 1st place finish.

May 23 2015

Rode Shelton poker run with cuzcuz. On RM250

May 3 2015

Dad had a major crash at Ward creek today. A bike from another part of the track crashed in front of his landing spot of a tabletop. His bike landed on top of him after throwing him to the ground. With another rider landing on dads pile.

Mar 18 2015

Dad put a new gasket in my "GIRLFRIEND". heat cycled it a few times. Looks good ready to go.

Feb 21 2015

Damn, blew a head gasket on KXF during Pt. Angeles. Rm rear brakes overheated.

So I had to race Dads CRF to a 2nd place finish. 

Feb 5 2015

Dad got my KX250F running again today, motor.

Jan 20 2015

Rode my first 250cc two stoke today, what a Monster!

Dec 25 2014

Got new engine cases/ bottom end kit from Santa. Dad discovered that transmission/ cylinder is also broken. 

Nov 22 2014

16th B'Day...Mom took me to Clark County Fairgrounds for indoor racing. Very fun in Prac., 1st moto went great. Crank blew apart on the 2nd moto line.

Oct 26 2014

This years Washington State series is over, I pulled off my first 1st place finish in the schoolboy2 class.

Thank you to my parents for all there help.

Oct 12 2014

Enjoyed pulling off two holeshots today, holding on to the end 1st overall.

I've now moved into 1st place in points.

Oct 4 2014

During his 3rd practice dad tried to cut inside of me after a tabletop, crashing breaking his collarbone.

forcing him to drop out of the championship, while holding 1st in the 50+.

Sep 21 2014

Spent the day at Straddleline Mx Park with my dad today. I really enjoy riding.

Jul 13 2014

I'm painting the inside of our race trailer to help out my parents. Plus I want it to look better.

I'm also holding down 2nd place in the current offroad series after 2 races, 3 to go......1st place are I come.

Jan 1 2014

My rear axle nut came off the second lap.DNF

Aug 3 2013

Here we go........................I want a championship win.

Jan 1 2013

2013 Hangover Scramble, Slept in Motohome at track. 1st place in the "15 & under" class after 10 laps with dad passing me at the last turn with 11 laps super cold, frozen ground & windy hour of racing.

Dec 9 2012

Mudslingers @ Straddleline park. Super muddy day. Pulled up to the gate as it dropped in one moto. 2nd and 4th out of 25.

Oct 28 2012

Washington state series is over, even though the racing is over and I got my rearend kicked by the older kids, I'm looking forward to the next series.

Sep 2 2012

What a bike.........I've gotten 11 holeshots out of 12 starts.

Jul 20 2012

I just got a new 2011 KX250F, thank you mom & dad

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