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Personal History

Name is Skyler Witges and I live in Scheller IL. Im a senior at Waltonville High School and played golf and basketball. I've been riding since I was 4 and haven't been off the throttle since. I just recently started racing bikes. I raced quads for about 2 years and just realized it was a lot better on bikes. My career is still undecided but I really want to stay in the motocross business. If its either riding on a team or working on one. I absolutely love the atmosphere of motocross. Meeting new people and racing against them is great. I strive to be perfect and am a long way from it but I will stop at nothing till I get it! Motocross is my life!!!!!!!

Riding Goals

One of my goals is to just ride as much as I can. I wanna improve on my technique and just get faster and faster every weekend. I know that I can't do all of this alone and with all the help from my family, I would like to acquire some sponsors. To do so I need to work very hard and train the most I can. This summer I want to race as many races as I can and qualify for Loretta Lynns. It's a big goal but if I work extremely hard    anything is possible!!!!