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Personal History

hi all!, my name is skye walker (not kidding) and no my parents weren't star wars fans haha :) i am 14 years old and live in campbell,ca.. i attend high school at valley chrisitian which conveniently is located 5 minuets away from a great local mx track. but we can get into the moto related stuff later. for now let me tell you a little bit about my self. about two years ago i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or ( juvenile diabetes), i had only just turned 13 a WEEK or two before so great birthday gift huh? hahha. but all jokes aside it was a life altering event. all of the sudden i had to take shots and poke my fingers. it was overwhelming, but i am not the type of person who when faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge gives up. i was detirmend to control my diabetes and not let it control me as well as not giving up to this obstacle and deciding that it wasn't the end of my life and that it was something i could live with everyday and that it was something i would not let change who i am. it did however force me to emotionally mature quite a bit and really become serious about controlling the diabetes and all the things i would have to do to make sure i remain healthy. i try to take this attitude/aproach to most problems in life, you can either let it eat away at you or you can make the decision to stand up and work harder than ever.  that was the decision i made with diabetes and i am very glad i did. this continues to motivate me in my daily life by giving me the courage to know that nothing is insurmountable if i work hard enough.


Riding Goals

as a child i had done every sport imaginable but i hadn't ever found one that i truly pasionantly loved until i found motocross. i am the first person in my family to ride motocross so there was never anyone there to teach me how to work on my bike or to push me to get better. i do however have an amazing family that is always behind me and supporting me. my parents see how much i love motocross and how hard I'm working and they support me wich i am so thankful for. but we are not millionaires we are an average family and don't have endless resources to spend on motocross, especially not when you have two younger brothers so a sponsorship of any kind or any amount would be tremendous as i would then be able to ride more and progress. i do babysitting jobs and other od jobs here and there but i can only help my parents so much, but my parents are very dedicated and loving and are always supporting me, taking me to the track, or the bike to the shop. my hopes are to start racing soon but there several more financial aspects to consider when you start racing and a sponsorship would make it far easier to afford to go to races and compete. i also found motocross later than most; like i said i am the first in my family to ride motocross so i did not get to start at a young age. i started this year but have improved tremndesally since starting, i know am right there with most other riders and i would like to be able to continue to get better in the hopes of one day pursuing a racing career. thank you for your consideration if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.