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Personal History

What's up everybody?! I'm Shane Makai Kuhn - an 8 year old from Carlsbad, CA. I love Motocross, Hockey, Soccer, and really anything physical that challenges me. I got my first dirt bike and started my riding career in August of 2020. Up until then, my life mainly revolved around hockey… After a few trips to the track on my bike I was totally hooked – I fell in love with Motocross and have since put 100% of my focus and effort into this sport. My dad and I decided to train for 6 months before racing; but after only a month of practice I had made such great progress that we decided to race Mini Majors West. It was an intense first race experience, against some really fast kids… but I held my own and finished mid-pack. My passion for the sport continues to grow – 5 months, 3 bikes, hundreds of practice hours, dozens of motos, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears later… I’m fully energized and prepping myself for the next two years of 50cc racing. I finished top 5 in almost every moto of 2020, and finished on the podium of the Swapmoto Triple Crown series.  You can expect to see me on the podium throughout 2021 and on at many local and national races. Between my racing successes and my smooth and fearless riding style, you wont be able to overlook me!

Riding Goals

My primary goal is to be the best that I can be.  I have the best equipment, the best trainer in the business (Caleb Tennant), and the full support of my family.  The rest is on my to show up, always give 100%, learn and improve, and be rad!

Other goals:

  • Finish on the podium at all local (Swapmoto) races/series.
  • Compete in and podium at a few select National races
  • Train to qualify for Lorettas in 2022
  • Complete at least one local race on a 65cc by the end of 2021
  • Have fun
  • Make my presence known

Competitive Highlights


  • Swapmoto Terra Firma Round 3, PeeWee 4-6 - 5th/5th
  • Swapmoto Terra Firma Round 5, PeeWee 4-6 - 2nd/5th
  • Swapmoto Triple Crown Series, PeeWee 4-6 - 3rd overall, 4th overall


  • Swapmoto El Dorado Series, PeeWee 7-8 - In Progress