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Personal History

Howdy yall ! We started a pro race team which includes both my 2 younger brothers as well as my dad, we race hillclimb on the AMA west series and are looking for any support we can get. We all ride a variety of bikes from stock honda 450's to built ones, cr500 all the way up to custome built suzuki gsxr bikes. Im currently in the works of building a couple new ones to ! Myself as well as the whole family have been trail riding the PNW since childhood. I started riding bikes when i was 3 and have loved them ever since 

Riding Goals

As a team we want to ride more and more to boost our skills to compete at the highest form of the sport. 

Competitive Highlights

As a team we got onto the circuit 2 years ago, but its always hard to finance and make the time for it but with that being said if there is a will theres a way! Me personally i have been slowly trying to improve my riding and have been working my way towards placing this year, came close last season but the goal is to kee moving up!