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Personal History

I am a 13 year old from Palmdale CA that has been riding for a long time but has just got into racing about a month and a half ago.  I used to just ride desert and trails but have now focused my goals on racing and I am training almost everyday to get better.

Riding Goals

My main goal in riding is to just improve overall.  I have been working on rut practice since that was the thing I struggled most with but am quickly getting much better and better by the day.  I also work a lot on cornering since that is another way that I could really improve my lap times.  I am training for the Road to Mammoth Series and hope to qualify in the next month, I am hoping to get sponsored by any brand.

Competitive Highlights

In my racing career so far I have done 4 races and have placed 1st in one of my races and also have placed 5th in another and am hoping for more.