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Personal History

Born and raised in Gustavus, AK (worth a look if you appreciate the remote outdoors), school brought me to Oregon and the opportunities that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Hiking, climbing, mountain biking and best of all - motorcycles. Combining physical fitness, coordination, and talent with the hours of engineering design and analysis paints a vivid picture of man and machine together opening a wide variety of rewarding opportunities.

Initially learning on a 1973 Honda CT70 packing some wide tires and turn signals, I began at eight years old. The Trail 70 cascaded to an XR 100, KX 125, WR250F, CR250, YZ250F, KX 450F, and my current "Race bike" a 1999 KX 125. Everything gets better with age, right? Some may value their whisky  or wine, but I believe the sound of a two stroke screaming let's a few of us reflect on what we miss.

Today I am an engineer working on developing the next generation of automated recycling equipment. I have to split 80% of my choice of occupation between Legos and motorcycles. From connecting bricks to doing a complete rebuild of the XR100 beside my father - the learning experiences as a youth has gotten me where I am today.

Riding Goals

My goals for 2019 are to see what damage I can do and how many heads I can turn in the 2019 OMRA GP and Poker Run events on a 20th century (1999) KX 125. With this as my first entrance into a competitive motorcycle environment, I intend to quickly progress forward, push my own boundaries, and place as high on the list as possible without compromising the safety of others around me or myself.

Outside of OMRA events, I will continue to take advantage of all the free weekends possible by spending time with my range of outdoor hobbies including that of riding and camping with friends and family throughout various OHV locations in the Northwest.

On a second note, myself and three other friends are going to do a 17-day adventure ride north to Alaska beginning on July 4th. This will be a multi-week journey on the Alcan highway to take in all that mother nature has to show as we distance ourselves from civilization.

Competitive Highlights

To see the action that takes place in many of the races I participate in, the YouTube channel below has videos of myself (#125D) and some close friends that ride beside me.  To sponsors who would like to incorporate themselves within the videos, please touch base with me.

Prior to 2019, I have only participated in one competitive even outside of close friends - the OMRA Dick Jagow GP at Washoulgal MX. This event opened my eyes to other opportunities as my results far exceeded my initial expectations (I had no idea what to expect, or where I placed among others). Unfortunately since I did not have a membership at the time, my results were not recorded. This year will change that. I obtained my OMRA membership and will attend all the events possible.

I say no to very few challenges, rarely get more than a scratch or bruise (no broken bones...yet), and am always willing to sacrifice my place help another rider in a time of need.


As the 2019 OMRA GP season has come to a close, I was happily surprised with the results in the end.  There were a few shortcomings due to a wide range of both inexperience and mechanical/physical faults (90 min going at it can get sloppy). Minus missing the first few races due to some conflicts with work travel, I ended in 3rd place with final results for all those participating in the OMRA D class scoring system and had more complements on a clean 1999 KX125 making moves on new off the KTM and Husqvarnas no matter the age, tech, or power differences.

Big thanks to all the sponsors who helped me along the way. Next season should be just around the corner and I can't wait!