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Personal History

I am an adventurous 16 year old girl who loves to ride my KTM 150xc but also I do a lot of mountain biking and horse riding. My dad was the one who sparked my interest in dirt bikes when I was around the age of 10 before then I was always working/competing with horses. I ride with a couple clubs but my main club is Rideoffroaduk I have been there ever since I started racing in 2011 on my first bike a Yamaha ttr 125. I've had a couple of other bikes In between such as my GasGas ec 125 and my KTM 105sx. My heroes in the Enduro world are David Knight, Jonny Walker and Jane Daniels. I have met them a couple of times at different events and they have truly inspired me to try and be the best at my sport!
My first ever race was in 2011 on my Yamaha ttr 125 in Mansfield with Rideoffroaduk. The race was an hour long and from being around the back of the pack I climbed several places and came home with a respectful 5th place out of 12 riders. That year i placed 3rd in the Youth B championship. The year after I challenged myself and entered the solo iron man series and placed 3rd. By the end of 2013 I felt I was ready to move up into the adults where I would be racing for 2 hours with harder courses and with a lot more people on the track. I entered the ladies class and have won nearly every series which has placed me 1st overall in the ladies 2014 championship! It is the best feeling in the world to be getting noticed by other riders and the media eg Enduro news and TMX paper. Next year I will be competing again in the Rideoffroaduk Ladies championship 2015 and hoping for another series victory.

Riding Goals

My 2015 training is underway, everything counts because I know when I'm on that start line all my training has been done so there's no excuse!
This year I will be riding my new KTM 150xc 2010 in the ladies class with lots of other lady riders. I am hoping to do as many of the 10 rounds as I can and also the 4hours series and some sprints.
I also hope to challenge my self by entering the extreme enduros towards the end of the year and prove to other woman that this sport is not just for men! Us woman can do this and we are more than capable of doing it!

Competitive Highlights

I've had many highlights in my years of racing but the ones that have remember well was when I won my first trophy on my ttr, everyone was so happy for me because I had been trying so hard to get placed and when my friend came around the corner to tell me I was filled with excitement I just burst into tears!

Another highlight was when I decided to enter solo iron man on my GasGas 125ec against all the lads, at the presentation they called my name out for 3rd place and I was so pleased with my self because just because I am a girl doesn't mean I can't beat any lads.
My major highlight was 2014! I raced every race except 1 and won each one which brought my confidence on so much! At the end of the year I had over 200 points which landed me first place in the ladies championship 2014! My first serious win! At the presentation evening in November we was all sat waiting for it to get under way and I got extremely nervous as more and more people started to come in. When they called my name out I got this almighty cheer from everyone in the room I couldn't believe it! That is a moment I will never forget.